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At Art & Soul Framing And Gallery, we pride ourselves on unique designs and quality materials. Whether you’re framing a poster print or Grandma’s heirloom needlework, you can be sure that our award winning staff of experienced designers will help you choose the right design and products for the job. We have a vast selection of quality materials to create a unique and lasting piece of art for you! See our gallery to browse some of our featured pieces and frames. Visit our Facebook page to see more of our projects and artwork. Contact us to inquire about your project today!

What we offer:

  • Custom Framing
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Art & Soul Framing And Gallery
Art & Soul Framing And Gallery
How many murals have you seen?
Art & Soul Framing And Gallery
Art & Soul Framing And Gallery
Hey artists! Check out this opportunity!
Art & Soul Framing And Gallery
Art & Soul Framing And Gallery
Art & Soul Framing And Gallery
Did you know that the Rendell Centre (where we are located) is on one of the original quarters of land that the Rendell family settled on?

Check out this amazing essay written by one of the LCSC staff members describing the journey the Rendell family endeavoured to unknowingly help develop the Lloydminster we know today.


Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre

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Art & Soul Framing And Gallery
Art & Soul Framing And Gallery
Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre is a valued part of our community. We need to make sure we don’t make a mistake by limiting services. Let’s act now, choose Option C!

I’m nominating Brandi Leah Hofer @Danielle Vachon ❤️ 🖼 👩‍🎨

This about summarizes the video,

I've been asked to help create awareness of the options for the future of our Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre (LCSC).

Myself and some other likeminded people will be starting a social media video challenge for people to talk about what they love about the LCSC, and what they would miss if we had to limit the services offered.

What we are asking people to do is take part in a challenge, and challenge friends, family and especially their kids to do the same! In addition to this, we are asking that people email these answers to the mayor and city council.

Here is some information on the goals we are looking to achieve with this campaign. If you want to be involved, I don’t want your voice to be left unheard!

Since the building is no longer feasible for use (roof leaks, building equipment issues etc) the community has been asked to take part in a survey on whether we should choose option A, or B. https://yourvoicelloyd.ca/LCSC 👈 here is the link where you can see the options the city is suggesting. I will note that if you take this survey (or have taken it already) there is a Q & A box just below the survey where you can also voice your options and ideas.

Basically the city would like to lease a space for 10 years for the LCSC to operate out of, and build a new building for the LCSC to move into at the end of those 10 years.

Option A is to lease a building and include offices for staff, the Lloydminster Archives, some exhibition space, programming and possibly a smaller gift shop.

Option B is to move the Lloydminster Archives and Programming to the Service Sports Centre. There would be no exhibition space nor gift shop.

The issue is these options equal some or most of the heritage, arts and educational programs to also be minimized or sacrificed for the next 10 years, until they build a new building.

What we are looking to do is to create an Option C, which would be to build the new LCSC building now. Not to put it off for another 10 years (it’s been put off for at least 18 years already)

Our community needs a space that hosts art shows, traveling exhibits, programming, local artifacts (that have been hiding away for years!) education, tourism and job creation.

Although the survey shows only two options, the council meeting had not come to the conclusion that those were the only two options. They wanted people to reach out with ideas. They will be meeting again to discuss it further on the June 8th, so this is an “act now” campaign.

We are looking for this to be a positive campaign. Where we bring the community together, and create awareness and involvement.

I’d hate for the full LCSC services to not be available to this generation or the next generation. So much heritage and arts culture would be missing from our community.

Thank you for reading!!

Art & Soul Framing And Gallery

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